To my Personality Disorder.


Dear Personality,

I find you quite fascinating and I felt a letter to you would help me to understand who and what you really are.

I know that you make me anti-social, paranoid, and lacking of empathy, but why? Did you mean to be this way? Or were my childhood experiences part of this evolution?

I’m not mad at you, but I’m confused to hell. All I ever wanted was a peaceful, normal life, but thanks to you I have quite the opposite.

There are times that I think a lobotomy would be a really good idea; it would save me a great deal of unwanted emotional pain. But then, I wouldn’t be me, would I?

When you were first revealed to me as being something more than just an unwanted shadow, I was terrified; scared that we could never live together. I’m still not entirely sure we can co-exist safely, but at least we are both giving it a go, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

It’s strange how life throws so many different curve balls at us. People are hard to read. No thanks to you, I find it even harder than most. Yes, I know that sounds angry and mean, I mean it to be. We can eventually live in peace and harmony, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

We have some serious challenges ahead and I hope you’ll be by my side rather than stalking my back like a waiting tiger who is far too hungry for its own good.

I will never underestimate the power that you can hold over me, but know this Mr., I am just as strong-willed. You are not the only part of my psyche that functions. I am in control of this vehicle and the wheel is gripped tightly.

Duel control is not an option here. You are now demoted to second in command. However, this is a privilege I offer and it can and will be removed at my pleasure.

Don’t fuck me about. My personality is growing and changing, which means this ‘disorder’ is going to be put in order. This will be done by me and you.

I am beginning to love who I am and this new found confidence I have is wonderful.

This is all for now but don’t forget – we are always going to be together but only one of us can be in charge. I won’t let you keep me in this hell-hole for longer than I need to be. It’s time I got you sorted so I can finally go home and be safe.

Yours Sincerely,

Girl X.

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