Creative Mental Health Programme™

Method: Group of eight, in-person or online using video conferencing software. Licensing is available, please contact us for more information.

Impact: Reduces symptoms of mental illness, suicidal ideation, self-harm and improved mental wellbeing. Provides life-long tools and information for maintaining good mental health, increased confidence, reduced social isolation and loneliness.

Details: We have two creative mental health programmes – standard and advanced. Each programme is specifically designed to empower, inform and provide the individual with the tools and confidence to manage and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Our Creative Mental Health Programme™ runs for either six or 10 weeks, with a 90-minute session each week that can be in-person or online. This is supported by optional tasks set at the end of each session to help solidify the principles and techniques taught in each session.

We cover a plethora of topics within our programme, with each week focusing on a different entity such as depression; anxiety; worry; stress; confidence; mindfulness; free thought; setting boundaries; saying no; and more. Each attendee is given a programme manual to guide them through each session including additional tools and information. We also provide signposting to resources on our website and within our community.

Each session is led by a PoetsIN trained and DBS-checked project worker, who will guide participants through group discussions, solo activity and group activities. 

At the start and end of each programme, participants are asked to complete a Mental Wellbeing Assessment allowing us to measure our impact and ensure we continue to be effective.

The programmes are suitable for everyone, including those who want to better their mental wellbeing, but who don’t have a mental illness.

Mentoring (one-to-one) Creative Mental Health Mentorship Plans

Method: One-to-one, either in-person, online using video conferencing software, or via telephone.

Impact: Improves mental health and wellbeing. Reduces suicidal ideation, risky behaviours and self-harm instances. Provides life-long tools to improve and manage mental health.

Details: Our one-to-one Creative Mental Health Mentorships are completely bespoke to the individual. Starting with a triage, we take a look at the current experiences of the individual and write a comprehensive plan to improve the areas they are most struggling with.

During each one-hour session, we provide tools, support, information and a safe space to share and explore their experience and challenges. We also continue to assess risk to ensure continued safety outside of each session.

Creative Mental Health Mentorships are suitable for anyone, including those with complex needs.

Topical Sessions (60 or 90 minutes)

Method: In-person or online using video conferencing software. 

Impact: Improves mental wellbeing, with life-long tools and information for maintaining good mental health.

Details: Catering for groups of 10 or more, our topical mental health sessions are interactive, equipping individuals with vital skills for life, covering a topic of your choosing from our extensive list. These sessions are completely bespoke to the needs of the group and are tailored to provide maximum impact for you and your employees.

The sessions are informative and engaging, blending instruction, discussion and activity to ensure all attendees gain tools to maintain and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

For more information about these sessions and for a list of topics we cover, please contact us, we’d love to talk.

Wellbeing in the Workplace (WBITW) Audits

Method: Produced from the results of surveys emailed to your employees.

Impact: Identifies strengths and risks within your organisation in terms of employee wellbeing, relating to mental health, work-life balance, culture and more.

Details: Statistics show that around 25 per cent of people living in the UK will experience an issue with their mental health each year. As an employer, you want to provide the right environment for your employees to feel safe and supported if they are one of those people.

By taking part in a Wellbeing in the Workplace audit, not only are you demonstrating to your teams that you care about them, but it will also provide information that can be used to make changes where necessary.

Anonymised surveys are circulated to your employees and the results are analysed and fed back to you in an easy-to-understand report.

For the best and most up-to-date information, we recommend carrying out the audit every year.

Policy Reviews (equality/mental health)

Method: In-person or via video call.

Impact: Ensures policies continue to serve their intended purpose, help you remain compliant with the latest regulations and help identify areas where change is needed.

Details: It is vital your business stays up to date with relevant legislation relating to equality, diversity and mental health issues. We will support you to look at your existing policies and identify any areas where a change or update may be required. Having an outside view can help you understand where there are gaps and help mitigate risks to your organisation.

Implementation of Mental Health Days

Method: In-person or via video call.

Impact: Supports your employees’ mental health and benefits staff recruitment and retention.

Details: Being able to offer mental health days for your employees is beneficial for them and for you. Employee benefits can play a big part in attracting staff and retaining the ones you have.

With a growing focus on wellbeing in the workplace, allowing your staff to take a day off for their mental health – to do whatever makes them feel good, from a spa day to just enjoying a long walk in the fresh air – shows that you care about them. We can discuss with you how to introduce mental health days into your company.

Training for Managers

Method: In-person or via video call.

Impact: Empowers your managers to be able to handle sensitively any mental health issues arising in their team.

Details: Ignorance and a general lack of understanding can exacerbate issues for employees experiencing mental health problems. With the right training and guidance, managers can support their team members and be confident in having conversations around mental health.

Our experienced team will provide your managers with the knowledge and tools within our two-hour training session to help them identify and support colleagues who are struggling. We cover eight different topics within the training, including taking a closer look at relevant legislation to ensure you are working within the legal guidelines.

For more information about the topics we cover, please get in touch.

Mental Health Awareness for Employees

Method: In-person or online via video conferencing.

Impact: Promotes a supportive and caring work environment.

Details: We all know about mental health problems – many of us have experienced them – but do we know how to recognise them in those around us? Or how to have an appropriate conversation?

PoetsIN has the tools and resources to raise awareness of mental health for everyone in your organisation and help them feel more confident in discussing it.

For a list of the topics we cover in this two-hour session, get in touch with us.


Method: In-person at your workplace or an online drop-in via video conferencing software.

Impact: Provides tools and information for maintaining good mental health.

Details: Invite us into your workplace and we will be available to chat to your employees in confidence about any mental health issues and provide them with a safe space to explore them alongside tools and further support where needed.

Bespoke Newsletter Copy

Method: Delivered via email to all your employees.

Impact: Encourages conversation around mental health and supports colleagues with advice.

Details: Each month, we will provide content around a different mental wellbeing theme, from self-care to coping with stress. It will include practical advice and tips to support your employees. Each one will be tailored to the requirements of your business.

Individualised Mental Health Plans for Employers

Method: Using our bespoke software.

Impact: Empowers you to support your staff. Early intervention, reduces risk.

Details: Our individualised mental health plans for employers gives your employees access to our software which allows them to check-in using our micro-journals which track mood, sleep, emotions and more.

We further provide psychometric tests once a quarter to everyone to foster proactivity surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

This approach to employee mental health ensures early detection of declining mental health and wellbeing, thus allowing support to be implemented before it impacts productivity, attendance, and overall employee safety.

To discuss more about our software and how this could benefit your team, contact us.

Wellbeing in the Workplace (WBITW) packs

Method: A pdf document for you to share with staff.

Impact: Provides support to staff and demonstrates you are a caring employer.

Details: The company branded Wellbeing in the Workplace pack is a useful addition to your company documents. It provides valuable advice and coping mechanisms for your employees to use when they – or their loved ones – are struggling. It covers a range of topics, including living mindfully, managing relationships, language around mental health and saying no.

It is designed for employees to dip into and find the relevant section, providing them with tools and resources that can help them to manage their mental health. It also provides our contact details so anyone can get in touch, and no-one is left feeling alone.

Buddy Service

Method: Online.

Impact: Helps to reduce social isolation, loneliness, risk of suicide and overall risk.

Detail: The Buddy Service™ is exclusive to PoetsIN. Any of your employees can be matched with two trained PoetsIN Buddies within a private, online, open-ended chat to receive support and understanding between 9am and 10pm, 365 days a year.

To access this support, please contact us.

Wellbeing Calls

Method: Telephone.

Impact: Provides ongoing support.

Details: Are there members of your team who would benefit from regular check-in calls? Not everyone has a support network outside of the workplace, and our regular calls can reassure them that they are not alone. We can offer tools, tips and tricks to help them manage their mental health challenges.

Mental Health Triage

Method: Telephone/email.

Impact: Gives you support to help an employee.

Details: It is easy to feel out of your depth if an employee comes to you saying they have a mental health problem. Let us carry out an initial assessment to determine the severity of the issue and what support would be best for them.

Mental Health Consulting for Managers and HR

Method: Telephone/email.

Impact: Empowers you to know the best way to support your employees.

Detail: We know how difficult it can be to navigate the mental health landscape. You want to be supportive, but you aren’t sure how to be. We can provide you with reassurance and advice as well as signposting you to find the best support for your team. It’s important, too, that you feel supported.

Public Speaking/Motivational Speaking

Method: In-person.

Impact: Supports people to think more clearly and see opportunities.

Detail: Our co-founders Paul and Sammie have experience with mental ill-health, with tremendous journeys that include a lot of pain and turmoil, which, ultimately, led them to start PoetsIN.

They are open and brutally honest about their lives, their mistakes and addictions, their achievements and their motivation to make a difference in the world today, one mind at a time.

Would you like them to talk to your organisation about their lives and how to find your way when everything feels dark?

To book or to make an enquiry, please email with PoetsIN motivational speaking and the name of your organisation in the subject line.

Online Creative Mental Health Online Community™

Method: Online through Facebook.

Impact: Reduced social isolation and loneliness, increased support and understanding.

Detail: Our Online Creative Mental Health Community™ is a truly inclusive community like no other. It is a place of support and understanding, laughter and friendship, along with a place to share, create and purge all under one safe and private digital roof.

It is hosted as a private Facebook Community with a team of support staff on hand, 24/7, 365 days a year, and 100 per cent of our members say that PoetsIN is valuable to their mental wellbeing.

To join this community, please follow the link above and answer the three questions.

Wellbeing Action Plan

Method: Telephone/email.

Impact: Helps provide support to an individual in the workplace.

Detail: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting anyone who is experiencing challenges with their mental health. What might work for Andy in accounts is unlikely to be the right approach for Mandy in marketing.

We can work with your employee to create a document, taking into account their needs. This action plan can sit within their personnel file, and it will have a two-fold benefit: as an employer, you will feel empowered to better understand your employee, while for them it removes the shame of having to explain themselves over and over.