Our Partners

At PoetsIN, we love to work with other organisations to provide our services to their employees, students, service users – you name it, we are IN. We are passionate about what we do and feel very privileged to be able to partner with the following organisations to support and empower their people.


Since 2019, we have been providing our services for the Shaw Trust as part of their work and health programme contract with the DWP.

We provide our Creative Mental Health Programme™ to their service users to help improve mental health and wellbeing, provide life-long tools for managing mental health, and to assist participants in gaining meaningful employment.

We have recently become part of the Shaw Trust’s Health Network and continue to provide services for the Work and Health Programme across CPA1, CPA5, and recently West London.


As part of our keyworker funding, we provided Wellbeing Workshops™ to staff within the emergency department at Lister Hospital.

These much-needed sessions provided staff a safe space to express, purge, and process their thoughts and feelings during unprecedented times.

We look forward to working with the NHS in the future and continue our work in supporting NHS staff and their patients.


During 2019 and 2020 we provided our Creative Mental Health Programme™ to Mind Mid-Herts to help those with mental illness.

During this time all participants reported an improvement in their mental health and wellbeing.


During the COVID pandemic we provided our Wellbeing Workshops™ to the OLLIE Foundation.

We provided these workshops to adults, children, and young people to teach vital skills to manage mental health and wellbeing.


After providing our Wellbeing workshops in 2020, we have partnered with Safe Soulmates to provide our Creative Mental Health Programme to their Soulmates.

We have already completed one Creative Mental Health Programme this year and look forward to providing another in the autumn.


We have partnered with RSPB to provide our Wellbeing Workshops to their teams across the UK with incredible feedback from participants.

We look forward to providing more in the coming months.


We are pleased to have been able to partner with Redwood Bank to provide our services to their team.

For Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2021, we are providing a motivational talk with an emphasis on our lived experience, the language used surrounding mental health, and teaching attendees how to manage their stress with a really simple and fun technique!


We partnered with Herts Young Homeless to provide our Creative Mental Health Programme to those struggling with homelessness and mental ill-health.

We look forward to providing more of these in the coming months.


During 2019, we provided Headway service users with our Creative Mental Health Programme™.

We had incredible feedback from this and look forward to exploring how we can continue this partnership moving forward.


During Mental Health Awareness Week, we provided a bespoke presentation surrounding lived experience and mental health education and support to Aviva.


What is it?
GoVox Wellbeing is the leading proactive online wellbeing tool that enables organisations to get closer to their people, on a more regular basis. Focusing on Happiness as a key measure its simple, yet effective, approach enables leaders within organisations to ‘Prioritise the Conversations that Matter’.

If you only had time to reach out and make one call to a member of your team today, who would you choose? How would you know who would most benefit from a quick catch up?

GoVox Wellbeing gives you the insights, at your fingertips, to ensure the right support is available to those who need it most and, critically, when they need it.

Why do we love it?
– Brilliantly simple
– Makes invisible mental health issues visible
– Allows line managers to channel their energy and make targeted interventions
– Trusted by businesses, schools and sports organisations internationally
– Experienced, passionate people with purpose – ask them about their ‘why’

If you would like to partner with us, please use the contact form on the contact page. We’d love to hear from you.