Ask anyone in the field of science what a human’s basic survival needs are and you’ll likely hear these 5 necessities: air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. 

If you ask us, they’re forgetting creativity. 

Just as the first 5 elements provide life-sustaining benefits, creativity supplies the resilience needed to survive all that life throws at us, making it a worthy addition to the basic survival needs list. 

But what exactly is creativity?


Though many would sum it up as “thinking outside the box” there’s actually a bit more meat on the bones of its definition. Or should we say definitions? Believe it or not, there are more than 60 different definitions of creativity in psychological literature. But let’s stick with one simple, easy to understand definition:

Creativity is a skill that allows you to go beyond traditional ways of thinking to discover new and original ideas and then turning those ideas into reality. In other words, creativity is thinking outside the box and then putting that thinking into action. Everyone possesses the skill of creativity to certain degrees and like other skills, it can be practised and improved upon to really increase its value on the list of basic survival needs. 

Our favourite definition of creativity.

With a list of benefits that rivals its list of definitions, it’s worth taking the time to hone this skill, especially if you’re looking to improve your mental wellbeing, as improved mental health is among the top noted benefits of creativity. We’re talking mood-boosting, stress-relieving, anxiety-reducing, trauma-processing, self-esteem-enhancing benefits here! 

And we’re not just parroting these mental health benefits from scientific studies.

We have our own tangible proof with impact stats from our Creative Mental Health Programmes. Just look at these numbers…

  • 99% improvement in their mental health
  • 99% reduction of symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • 100% reduction in stress
  • 100% increase in confidence and self-worth

10 Prompts to explore your creativity:

Are you ready to put creativity to the test for your mental health and wellbeing? We’ve got you covered with a top ten list of ideas for using creativity to aid mental wellness.

  1. Try your hand at creative writing or journaling
  2. Unwind with adult colouring books or decorate your own greeting cards
  3. Spark creativity in the kitchen with a new recipe or exotic cuisine
  4. Put your favourite music on and dance or sing -or both!
  5. Draw, doodle, or paint
  6. Try knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, or give origami a go
  7. Put a puzzle together or build a model
  8. Craft something from upcycled items or repurpose things you no longer use
  9. Play a musical instrument or write your own song lyrics
  10. Experiment with photography or video editing

What creative ideas would you like to try? 

If you’re struggling, remember you are not alone. Please reach out to us.

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