Everyone has a story to tell; each one of us writes poetry – some, without even realising. That stream of consciousness that runs in our veins? It’s poetry waiting to be written. We believe in the power of words, and that power is what urged us set up PoetsIN.

It’s because of those inner streams, that we are bringing you all a regular interview feature, Writer Profiles. An interview with a writer. This week it’s the lovely Firdaus.

Sit back, grab yourself a cuppa, and feast your eyes on this week’s writer profile.

What is your relationship with words and how has that evolved?

I’ve always been a voracious reader and I think that pushed me towards writing. At present my life revolves around my two children, my dog and of course, words. Sadly, reading has taken a backseat, I’m writing more these days. When I was younger I liked writing short stories and an occasional poem, then I stopped, life and kids happened. I started writing again around four years ago on a sweet app called Ku. Shout out to the lovely Kuers here.


How long have you been writing, what is your favourite style of writing and why?

Around four years ago Ku set the ball rolling for me and I started off writing three line poems. Then I was introduced to flash fiction. Flash fiction holds a special place in my heart and I’ve written quite a lot of those, but now poetry seems to be growing firmer roots. I prefer writing micro-poems because I have short bursts of inspiration, though I have tried writing longer poems too. Free verse comes naturally to me, I don’t really understand meter, though I admire anyone who writes in that form.


Many of us within this group have experienced times where writing has helped us overcome times of pain, describe the first time you realised the true of power of words.

I’m an introvert by nature. Although you might find me rather outspoken in text, in real life I’m rather shy or was shy. We change all the time. That’s why the written word plays such an important role in my life. I’ve found an outlet to things buried deep inside me that I was afraid to explore.  Words are like therapy on a depressing day. Melancholia is the default mode inside me. Outwardly I might be a clown, which I usually am with family and friends, but inside it’s all grey. That’s where the words spill from. I’ve found solace in words many times.


Many writers love to read. What is your favourite book and why?

I was a reader way before I was a writer. I can’t really pinpoint one single book. There’re so many wonderful ones. From the classics I think I could read Jane Eyre over and over. From the contemporary writers, I cannot point to just one. They’re so many great writers around. And to be honest I’m a terrible book hoarder. My ‘to be read’ pile is a mile high.


Sum up yourself in a haiku or micropoem.

a humble daisy

growing alongside roses

bathed in their scent


We all have moments where we truly connect with words we read. What quote inspires you the most. Why?

I’ve grown up in a highly patriarchal home and that has made me quite a rebel. I think this quote from Jane Eyre defines me to a certain extent:

‘There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.’


Describe your writing process.

I am chaos personified. You really don’t want to know.


Writer’s block, real or a myth?

It’s definitely real, at least for me. I go berserk when that happens. And it happens a lot. That’s when I find writing prompts acting like oil to rusty wheels in my head.


What is your favourite word?

I don’t really have one favourite word. Gobbledygook maybe! It rolls off the tongue. And also milquetoast. It tastes sweet when you say it. (I’ll leave you to look them up)


Finish this sentence… Words are the epitome of…

Self expression


That’s it for this week; our thanks go to the lovely Firdaus, such a sweet, kind soul.


Stay tuned for more writer profiles coming soon!


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