Yesterday we interviewed 7 people for the final stage of our recruitment process. Last week, we talked about our advertisement and first stage interviews in our blog, Our Week in Review. 

From advertising the role, getting over 150 applicants, and carrying out 40 interviews, we shortlisted 7 people. Today, Paul, Joe, and I (Sammie) spent time with each of them. 

Our Team Matters

Our team are a credit to the organisation as a whole which is why each of the 7 were invited to meet the team prior to their interview. This gave them the opportunity to ask questions, get a feel for our team and their personalities whilst also giving the our team the opportunity to do the same in return. 

The team were really excited to play a part in the recruitment process and to feed back their opinion to us. Whilst a hierarchy is an important structure within an organisation, we believe everyone’s voice should be heard and should be considered within the decision making process. It was a joy to hear their enthusiasm for each and every candidate and it’s true to say they found a connection with each and every person they met.

Paul, Joe and I shared that joy and enthusiasm within our interviews. Our interview was far from what is expected as the norm; from quick fire questions, to asking each person to write and read a poem about themselves, we pride ourselves on getting to know the person beyond their profession. 

How we feel

We are so incredibly humbled to have met such passionate, honest, talented and authentic people. We have been blown away, from laughter and stories that brought tears to our eyes, it has been a privilege to hear each and every one of them. This has made our decision really hard. 

Every single person we met brought a uniqueness and qualities we think would be an asset to the organisation, and, if money wasn’t an option, we’d have offered 7 people a job. 

As always, we value transparency, and here’s ours. We feel terribly guilty for having to say no to 6 worthy individuals. It is something that will undoubtedly keep us awake, feeling terrible about connecting with wonderful people and not being able to offer them the job. It is a part of the process not one of us enjoys. We care about the people who cross our paths and do not relish having to disappoint anyone. With that being said, we hope that all of them will stay in touch and whilst we cannot give them the job this time, we can promise that any new opportunities that arise, we would welcome their applications warmly and with a smile. 

A final note to the incredible people we interviewed

If you are one of the 6 who we couldn’t offer the job to, please know this. You are incredible. You are worthy. You are strong and determined and we see you. This isn’t a reflection on you or your skills. You are suitable for the role and we are sorry we aren’t able to welcome you to our team yet. Thank you for being you. For your honesty and vulnerability. Thank you for believing in us, and we hope to have the funds in the near future to prove we believe in you. Please keep in touch. There will be space for you to join us one day in the hopefully not-to-distant future. In the meantime, we hope to connect with you in our Online Mental Health Community.

Sending warmth and wellness, 

Sammie, Paul, and Joe. 

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