This week has been an incredibly long one. Last week we put up an advertisement for a vacancy within Team PIN. In just under 48 hours, we had received over 150 applications for the position and had to close the application process. From there, we had the massive task of reading every application and shortlisting those who met the role requirements and person specifications. 

We were astounded at the number of applications and the skills and talents of each and every individual who took the time to apply. After long conversations, a lot of deliberation, we shortlisted 40 people to interview this week. 

Our first interview stage for each person was short and sweet. Each person was given 15 minutes to answer the questions we emailed out prior to the interview.

We chose to send the questions out beforehand to ensure we are giving everybody an equal opportunity to prepare and plan for the interview. We have first-hand experience of anxiety and how entering an interview with no idea what the questions might be can increase anxiety, similarly, those with other challenges may find it easier to know the questions in advance to allow time to prepare. 

Our Experience

Between Monday and Thursday this week we have interviewed everyone we shortlisted and feel utterly humbled and privileged to be able to have done so. Not only have we met many inspirational people, but we were blown away by the openness and honesty of the people we have spoken to. 

Everyone spoke candidly about their story, their challenges and triumphs, and trusted us to be able to do so. We appreciate how difficult it is to speak about difficulties in life, especially with strangers.

We feel so grateful and honoured to have met every single person and heard their story. 

From listening to every story, every journey, the struggles, the triumphs, we have learned how inspirational people are. We have learned about our applicants’ resilience, mental strength, emotional resilience, and motivation – to name a few. 

Every single person we have met via Zoom has taught us something new and have left a lasting impression that we won’t ever forget. This was, without a doubt, the most incredible interviewing experience we have ever had (and that’s coming from a team that has extensive recruitment experience). 

Alongside each story we have had the privilege of hearing, we have also received beautiful feedback about why the candidates want to work for PoetsIN. We cannot tell you how much this means to us. 

We have now made our final shortlist for the last stage of the process – meeting the team and final interview – and it has been the hardest decision we have ever made. We are only able to shortlist a small few and have found doing so really difficult. Each and every person we have interviewed deserves a place within our family, and we fully intend to keep in touch when we have other openings. 

Our View on Interviews

Interviewing processes have long needed an overhaul – employers need to be more inclusive when it comes to making their interviews accessible and attractive to potential employees. One thing we are 100% committed to, is giving everyone the opportunity, the voice, and the access to our vacancies. 

Moving forward, we will continue to prepare our candidates for interview by sending the digital links in advance, being flexible with timings as best as we can, sending the interview questions in advance to allow for preparation, and to listen to the candidates to enable us to make reasonable adjustments to the interview process to ensure everyone who has the skills has an equal opportunity to access our organisation. 

During the interview process, candidates are also interviewing the organisation – something many organisations forget, which is why we will also continue to pride ourselves on our transparency and “open-door” policy whilst making interviews a less corporate environment, and one of connection, honesty, and safety to share. 

Next Week

Our next phase of interviews will include questions that are person-based, rather than skills or role based. They’re creative, fun, and insightful, and those who have been shortlisted will be given these in advance. 

Finally, if you are reading this and were not shortlisted for the final stage, we’re sorry. Genuinely. You did nothing wrong. You did amazing. It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope you keep in touch with us via email or via our private Facebook Group – where you’ll find us in our natural creative habitat. We would love to hear from you. You possess the skills and the personal qualities to go far, we see you, and thank you. We have learned so much from you. 

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