Now Winter is well and truly under way, we thought we could use some rays of warm light to pierce the frosty days with this short piece on Summer. Squeakypeewee was on our first workshop which we trialled in prison, and has been on a huge journey with us since; and now is waiting for parole as an entirely different person – in mental health and physically.

A picture of hands holding in summer

“Tom and I held hands”

Summer Emotion

Tall grass, long hot days. It’s summer and my mind is awash with such glee.

Tom and I are meeting for our second date today. Feelings surge through me like a fast-flowing river. I’ve always had a crush on Tom. When we first met at a business BBQ, it was love at first sight. It took us the whole previous summer to get round to finally hooking up.

Nerves make my fingers and toes tingle. A mini electric shock running down my spinal cord, making me shiver.

A traditional picnic scene is before my eyes. Sun shining down on sparkling crystal flutes full of fizzy champagne. Strawberries and cream –how very British, how very perfect.

“Sparkling crystal flutes full of fizzy champagne”

I feel like I should run slowly towards Tom, meeting dramatically in the middle of the meadow. Cliched I know, but this is how I feel. Happiness is overcome with exhilaration as I spot him sat with his muscled back to me. How I long to run my hands over those shoulders. Feel the contours of his frame under my palms.

Glowing on the inside like a bulb just been replaced, I shine and let a hope bubble up inside me.

Summer has always been my perfect season. The winter months and the depression it brings is whisked away, and what is left is a sense that all is well with the world. Peaceful and serene are the two feelings I put with my summer emotion. That, and of course, a great big helping of love.

I can’t wait for a summer wedding. I’ve been planning it since I was so small. By putting a pillowcase on my head to use as a veil and wearing mum’s best shoes –that I always fell over in- I pranced around my bedroom to my wedding dance song.

Emotional security. That’s what summer is all about. Love hurts, but then so does getting your tongue stuck on a frozen metal pole. We know it, but still choose to try out the tested method. At times, it’s better to learn this way. I’ve always tried to suppress my summer mood, but now I’m all grown up and dating Tom, I will embrace how the weather makes me feel.

Never let the sun get you down, for it bringeth light and life to our lives. What a hell of a gift.

When we first met Squeakpeewee, she was introverted, didn’t particularly like writing and faced a life inside. Two years on, he expects parole to soon be granted, loves writing and is undertaking a journalism course. 

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