Huge thanks to our charity skydive team

A while back, we had another fantastically successful fundraiser where seven brave (Read Crazy / Stupid / Kamikaze) people took it upon themselves to haul their asses over to an airfield in Cambridgeshire, don a very flattering jumpsuit and proceed to climb up to 13,000 feet before being propelled out, attached to someone.

They did all that, and we’ve yet to properly thank them. Yes, we’ve been jolly busy, but that’s no excuse, as some of these people seriously pushed through some fears to accomplish this.

We asked some of them what their driving force was to do it, and you can read some of their responses below. Some of them were just too damn modest, though – so I, Co-Founder Paul, who also jumped, will big them up in the way that they deserve.

Margarita nervous as hell but still taking no prisoners

Margarita Helene

Margarita joined the jump with little fanfare; but if anyone needed a song and dance written for them, it’s our Margi. The anxiety this woman overcame to even arrive at the airfield would overcome many a person, but turn up she did. Alas, she was rushed by a bombastic instructor who made the anxiety worsen ending up with a time out. A very lovely and seasoned instructor took over and once the weather had subsided, which Margi also had to wait for, she jumped.

It’s hard to put into words the respect we have for Margi for doing the jump and also for raising such a hefty pile of money. We see you, lady. And we are so very, very thankful.

Sarah kicking ass

Sarah Johnson

Another incredible human rocked up in the form of Sarah. Sarah was there to overcome her fear of heights, and what a way to conquer your demons – all whilst raising money to help others wrestle their demons to the ground through our workshops. We salute you, Sarah. Here’s what she told us:

“The reason I did the jump was my daughter & I had recently been through the Thrive Programme with Zoe and she soon discovered that I had a fear of heights. So I was set a challenge to do a skydive, something I’d always said that I could never do. The thought of jumping out a plane was at first terrifying. However, I did it and absolutely loved it, proving to myself that I can do anything with the right mindset!”

Helena smiling through the fear

Helena Russell

We’re giving kudos to many a woman here, one of whom co-founder Paul hadn’t seen since she was a toddler. Helena (pronounce that hell-ayn-ah, or you’ll regret it) came to tick a skydive off her life’s to-do list all whilst raising money for PoetsIN.

Talk about doing it in style. Helena not only dealt with the dizzying heights, but also with a rather severe bout of nausea. But despite all that, she jumped and landed smiling. We applaud you, lady.

“Mental health and wellbeing has always been something I’m passionate about, from doing my degrees to working in services, and to where I am today. I feel it’s so important to educate people on how they can best look after their own emotional wellbeing, but also to provide the support and care needed at the times when life becomes overwhelming.”

“Alongside that, skydiving has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, so when I found out that there was an opportunity to do it, and raise money to support the great work undertaken by PoetsIN, I knew I had to do it!”

A beaming Hannah after the jump

Hannah Prince

Pocket rocket Hannah had ummed and aaahed about doing the skydive for quite some time. Her biggest fear was not being able to raise the funds to be able to jump in the first place. But that’s Hannah all over. She’s a magnificent human being and liked by everyone; which was reflected in the HUGE sum of money she raised – nearly a thousand pounds all on her own. Thank you Hannah!

“Since a child, I have always wanted to know how it would feel to fly like a bird.”

“The nearest way for me to do this would be to skydive, the years went by. I still hadn’t ticked this box of life’s list, then this amazing opportunity came a long. To skydive for a friends charity called PoetsIN.”

“This is my first big charity event and I’m really excited to help raise money for such a good cause.”

Frazer having a sit down after the jump

Frazer North

Frazer and Cofounder Paul went to boarding school together in Germany, and have been back in touch since a school reunion a few years back. Frazer is ex forces and has battled his own mental health as well as being a huge advocate and signposter to other ex forces that have been left struggling. On top of that, Frazer has a health fear of falling from planes, and overcame some serious scares in doing this. He did it, he raised a lot of money, and he was shaking and smiling afterwards.

“I’ve suffered PTSD and further depression but came out the other side.”

“Reason for doing it? If I can help just one person, save one person then it’s worth it.“

Emma relieved after her jump

Emma Moore

Not only did Emma jump for us on the skydive, but she also managed to secure a pile of Mike goodies and vouchers for The Stress Ball – raising hundreds and hundreds of pounds for PoetsIN.

She came with her best friend Helena and didn’t hang about in getting up in that plane to 13,000 feet and jumping for our awesome cause. We cannot thank you enough Emma. THANK YOU!

Zoe on the right after the jump

Zoe Walker

This was the second jump by Zoe to raise funds for PoetsIN. A mental health advocate herself, Zoe is a Thrive consultant as well as an all round awesome human being willing to try anything and push her boundaries. It was Zoe who convinced Sarah to take the plunge and overcome her fears. Nice one Zoe. You rock, lady!

Co Founder Paul just before exiting

Paul Chambers

Co founder of PoetsIN Paul was once again and will always try to be at the jump. He first got into it to overcome a fear of flying, triggered by an Aeroflot flight that fell through the air (eek) and has subsequently done 5 jumps. In fact, he is looking at doing a course, but intends to always be there as support to anyone selfless enough to organise jumps for the charity.

“I don’t really count, as when I’m falling through the air, my heartrate plummets, too. It’s how I’m wired. However, I must give a huge thanks to all of the excellent human beings that sponsored me and a big up to all of the brave/crazy/mad souls who jumped on the day. You all overcame a lot to be there and you made it fun, too. Thank you.”

The magnificent seven humans that did the jump raised a whopping total of over £6K. The money goes towards helping people of all ages receive the benefits of PoetsIN Mental Health Workshops TM

If you would like to jump to raise money, here’s the link. Just choose PoetsIN as your chosen charity. We are currently deciding on when we organise our next jump. That’s definitely a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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