Don’t let our name fool you. We’re not just about poetry. Yes, we use poetry within our powerful creative writing workshops alongside prose, journaling and all things word related, but we are much more than the name suggests – wellbeing is also key.

Wellbeing and mindfulness are fundamental parts of managing mental health. In a recent workshop we asked what happiness and self-care looked like to the participants. It was no surprise to see that being in nature ranks highly. We’ve an affiliation with it. Getting out in fresh air among the wildlife is proven to aid mental health.

Which is why PoetsIN are joining forces with Jo Hodson for something special on June 2nd.

We invite you to join us for a Wellbeing Walk at RSPB’s The Lodge Nature Reserve and Gardens in Sandy, Bedfordshire for a morning of nature, words and mindfulness.

A Sunday in Sandy (here’s hoping it’s sunny!).

A chance to move, to stretch, to think, to pause, to immerse yourself in the sounds and beauty and nature. To come together as a community in conversation but equally to take time out for yourself. Self-care for a Sunday morning in stunning surroundings.

We’ll focus on connection – to ourselves and others and we’ll invite you to harness the power of words and express yourself through a #sharetheloveletters card and to leave it for someone to find. When you write words to lift up others, you also write them to yourself. A powerful practice.

#ShareTheLoveLetters bring so much joy. Click the pic for details

Simply bring yourself, an open heart, a bottle of water or tea and prepare to embrace all weathers!

We’ll bring the ‘love letter’ cards, some super tasty treats to share… plus a big hug if you are lucky!

Aim to arrive at 9:15 for a 9:30 start at RSPB The Lodge, The Heath, Potton Road, Sandy SG19 2DL. There is a train station nearby or paid-for parking.

We anticipate being there for about 2.5 hours, but it is entirely flexible and you can wander alone should you wish. It is free but donations will be gratefully received. Contact to express your interest.

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