Team PoetsIN love to share resources with you that we have written and designed to help improve mental wellbeing, educate, and reduce stigma. Please keep checking back on this page for more goodies to come.

Please note, the following resources are for personal, individual use only. They are not for commercial or any other use.

For commercial, or any other use, please contact us to discuss use of the below resources.

Wellbeing Pack

Our wellbeing pack is jam-packed with grounding, soothing, and distraction techniques to help you when things get a little overwhelming. You can download it here:

Home Activity Pack


Our home activity pack is designed for parents to work through with their children, for teachers to work through with their students during these times we find ourselves in. It opens up conversations and provides you with ways to help our younger generation manage their mental wellbeing. You can download our activity pack here:

Living Mindfully Pack


Our living mindfully pack is designed to explore mindfulness and to give you all some mindful activities that can be utilised to adapt every day tasks into mindful moments during your day. You can download our living mindfully pack here:

Worry Diary Pack


Worrying is something we all do. It’s also something that can transform itself into an all-day fixation. In this pack we introduce you to the worry diary. A way to take control of how and when you worry, making it productive, and ultimately, less worrying. You can download it here:

Mental Health Activity Pack for Adults

You can download our Mental Health Activity Pack for Adults here: