Writing for Wellbeing


Student – Service User – You.
Teacher – Service Provider – PoetsIN
Classwork – Activities and all tasks
Classroom – Google Classroom – our current platform of choice.

Course Outline

  • This is a six-week writing for wellbeing course. Provided at no cost by PoetsIN, registered UK charity.
  • At the beginning of the six weeks, you will be asked to complete a wellbeing questionnaire.
  • Each week you will be tasked with a Journaling task, an activity, and a reflection task. Should the team deem it needed, we may include extra tasks that focus on core areas that need further care.
  • The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. All tasks should be completed by the end of the week and submitted. Please note: from time-to-time, a member of the team may check in with your progress to ensure your safety.
  • At the end of the week, a member of the team will grade your work, and return it to you, some may have comments and feedback, some may not have.
  • The next week will then begin.
  • At the end of the six week course, you will be asked to repeat the wellbeing questionnaire.
  • If you find you are still needing support, you may contact helpme@poetsin.com where you may be offered further help should we have the resources to help.

‘Classwork’ Expectations

  • Participants must complete all course work unless there is a valid reason why they cannot. If classwork cannot be completed due to valid reasons, student is responsible for contacting teacher(s) with this information.
  • Assignments should be turned in by the specified due date.
  • If a class member refuses to follow task direction (after one warning) they will be removed.
  • The private comment section of the classwork is meant for direct communication between student and teacher. Please be mindful that teacher(s) will be able to view your private comments (along with your work(s) in progress).
  • Plagiarism is not acceptable and will result in the removal of the student with immediate effect.

‘Classroom’ Conduct

  • Classroom work shall not contain any direct or indirect attacks on the PoetsIN team members. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive/aggressive language, degrading or inflammatory comments, and passive aggressive behaviors/comments.
  • Personal contact between students regarding class topics is strictly prohibited. Communication should only be made between student/teacher. Failure to respect other student’s privacy will result in removal from the group. Questions regarding classwork will be directed to the teacher(s) and student will allow 48 business hours for a response.


  • Any feedback that is given by PoetsIN is collaborated by team members and the specific individual(s) giving the feedback will not be disclosed for privacy/safety reasons.
  • PoetsIN holds no liability for the impact that removing a class member may have, or for the behavior of service users should these guidelines not be followed.

Complaints & Feedback

  • Complaints and Feedback can be directed to the team via the “People” stream, hovering over the dots next to the name PoetsIN and clicking “email.” These will be dealt with in 48 business hours.

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