Our Gallery – Our Journey in Pictures

Welcome to our Gallery. This is a space to document our journey with words, in pictures. We will add pictures here as often as we can. Some images will be designs of the words we collect from our groups, and some pictures within this gallery will be pictures of our service users original words.

More beautiful words from those in prison.


Gallery - Thank you
Receiving thank you letters from our service users makes our day!


gallery - more words
Another beauty. More words from our PoetsIN groups INPrison.


We are happy to announce our partnership with Opusia.


Each week we interview a fellow writer. This picture is from our interview with Outspoken St. Monk. 


We are proud to share our interview with Poet Laureate, Charley Genever.


Another beautiful image, with words from our service users IN prison.


We get letters and pieces like this week on week. In this letter, girl x explains what PoetsIN means to her.